Creating IP

We have taken great care in establishing an intellectual property framework for our work. This encompasses the selection of colors, fonts, and language, all of which are meticulously aligned with the essence of 777 Sense Labs and its projects.

Our approach involves ensuring consistency in the use of our logo and colors across various posts, while also maintaining a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

While many brands tend to stick with safe options by utilizing white, black, or closely related shades, we have opted for a more vibrant approach. We proudly embrace a spectrum of seven distinct color palettes, as displayed above. Nevertheless, we also maintain a sense of minimalism when the situation calls for it.

In this instance, we are showcasing the metallic color palettes. Naturally, our color preferences vary based on the specific project we are engaged in.

Our skilled social media experts always keep up with the latest trends in online fashion, both from the community and major brands. They expertly integrate these ever-changing color trends into our work. Our goal is to create a brand that shines brightly while keeping things simple.

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