Buy/Sell Bot

777 Sense Labs has developed a sophisticated bot specifically designed for NFT traders and collectors, offering a solution to alleviate the burdensome task of constantly monitoring screens in order to acquire desired assets. This innovative bot empowers users by autonomously seeking and acquiring the assets they desire, freeing them from the need to remain vigilant in front of their screens. By automating the asset acquisition process, the bot streamlines and simplifies the trading and collecting experience, allowing users to engage in other activities with peace of mind. This forward-thinking solution from 777 Sense Labs provides NFT enthusiasts with a convenient and efficient tool to navigate the dynamic and competitive landscape of asset acquisition in a more relaxed and stress-free manner.

Exclusively available to 777 Sense of Shapes holders, the bot developed by 777 Sense Labs offers a range of advanced functionalities. Users have the ability to set personalized purchase orders for their wallets, enabling them to acquire desired NFTs automatically when the target price is reached. Moreover, users will be able to mint multiple assets with multiple wallets with a single click. This user-centric approach enhances accessibility and ease of use, granting 777 Sense of Shapes holders an efficient and seamless experience in navigating the NFT market. By providing such comprehensive features, 777 Sense Labs aims to empower its users and simplify their engagement with the world of NFTs.

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