Revenue Share

777 Sense Labs prioritizes providing passive income for its investors along the digital Web3 path, as it actively shapes the future of the ecosystem.


  • Revenue Pool With a limited supply of our genesis collection known as 777 Sense of Shapes, our company places a strong emphasis on sharing its income with investors through the use of our own coin, which will be called the 7SL Coin. This coin will serve as the utility asset for our entire ecosystem and offer a wide range of potential uses, in addition to the option of withdrawing it if desired. The revenue pool will be exclusive to each NFT within the 777 Sense of Shapes collection, guaranteeing newer holders access to it upon purchase.

  • Bulk Income When our company launches an NFT collection or creates a revenue stream that generates income within a short period of time, 777 Sense Labs aims to establish a proper method of sharing its revenue with holders of 777 Sense of Shapes in a meaningful and orderly manner, without compromising the ecosystem. To ensure a healthy, long-lasting, and sustainable operation, the income will be divided into batches, allowing investors to claim their shares. In addition to withdrawing the shared income, investors will have the opportunity to utilize the funds to pursue various opportunities within our ecosystem. This includes securing whitelist spots from our collaborating partners, participating in events designed to enhance community visibility both internally and externally.

  • Subscription Based Income While 777 Sense of Shapes holders receive prioritized access to each feature we release, the subscription model will also serve as a lucrative income method for the entire 777 Sense Labs ecosystem. This approach not only expands awareness throughout the market but also offers flexible entry into our world while generating income for our investors. Withdrawing the collected funds from the pool follows the same process as the Bulk Income method, but the duration required is longer.

  • Merch Income Even though 777 Sense Labs is a Web 3 technology company, it will also establish a presence within Web 2 to generate a revenue stream for its investors and enhance brand awareness. The sale of physical products from our ecosystem, facilitated by an experienced team, will not only attract more attention to our company but also generate income for holders of 777 Sense of Shapes.

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