7SL Coin

In order to maintain control and organization amidst the development of various tools and products within its ecosystem, a company must adopt different approaches. In the case of 777 Sense Labs, a modern and easily adaptable blockchain solution will be employed through the launch of a token known as 7SL Coin. This strategic decision allows the company to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology, enabling seamless integration and streamlined operations within its ecosystem. By utilizing the power of the 7SL Coin, 777 Sense Labs aims to enhance efficiency, foster innovation, and provide users with a secure and dynamic environment to engage with their suite of tools and products.

With every income generated by 7SL, all proceeds will be used for token buybacks. After ensuring a minimum 50% profit and covering expenses, half of the remaining funds will be allocated to a locked treasury. The other half will be burned, permanently reducing the supply of 7SL tokens.

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