777 Sense of Shapes

777 Sense of Shapes is the genesis collection of 777 Sense Labs

It is designed to provide ongoing value to its holders. Through a progressive approach, the project aims to share wealth with investors at each step, ensuring a mutually beneficial distribution of prosperity. Full life time free access for the tools 777 Sense Labs creates. Airdrops and WL spots for PFP projects that are going to be launched by 777 Sense Labs. Airdrop allocation for 7SL token. Discount for Merch Store. But above all, income share from all the features and drops from 777 Sense Labs in the future.

The value of 777 Sense of Shapes within the entire ecosystem is anticipated to be of utmost significance, granting its holders exclusive access to the comprehensive array of tools developed by our organization. Moreover, these esteemed holders will enjoy a prominent position in each project undertaken by 777 Sense of Shapes, securing priority in participation and engagement.

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