7SL Analytics

An AI-powered bot specialized in Crypto and NFT, providing fully detailed analytics. It examines all the indicators in the market, analyzes many different coin/token pairs, including those suggested by the community. With built-in signals, users will be notified in real-time.

7SL Analytics is being developed by 777 Sense Labs with the aim of providing traders with a streamlined and effortless experience in tracking a diverse array of cryptocurrencies. This tool empowers traders to establish personalized alerts for their positions, generate comprehensive summaries of their wallet activities, and access a multitude of other immersive features. The demanding nature of continuously documenting every asset's details or staying constantly updated without respite can become overwhelming over time. However, 7SL Analytics alleviates this burden by offering a robust solution specifically designed to meet these challenges and simplify the trading process for users.

Crypto Analytics

  • Spot Market Monitoring Monitor crypto assets with a seamless experience using a fast and smooth tool. Filter them in multiple ways to enhance your experience. Set alarms for preferred assets based on volume movements.

  • Future Market Monitoring Monitor crypto asset data with short intervals. Track volume changes and stay alert by setting custom alerts for each pair you choose. Receive notifications on the website or mobile app, vote, and comment on specific pairs.

  • Liquidity Pool Tracker View the liquidity pool for each crypto asset on decentralized exchanges and compare them side by side for different pairs. Get information about slippage for the selected asset. Users will also have the ability to vote for assets, either up or down, to inform others in advance.

  • Liquidity Pool Providers Discover which wallets successfully provide liquidity pools for various assets. View their success rates alongside crypto pairs, attention percentages compared to other assets, and determine the best exchange source for this particular action

  • Wallet Tracker Discover which wallets trade a specific asset by filtering on the 7SL Crypto Analytics tool. Select the wallets you want to keep track of, set alarms, and receive notifications for each transaction on either the website or mobile app.

  • Transfer Transactions Monitor the total volume of transfers by filtering with specific provided information. Set custom alerts for preferred assets and exchanges.

  • Long-Short Screen Monitor different assets and compare their total long and short ratios across various exchanges using short intervals. View filtered graphics for different exchanges.

  • Custom Lines Set custom lines for any asset you would like to track within different time intervals and obtain the best available indicators.

NFT Analytics

  • Trait Filtering Filter traits within a collection and observe their exclusive activities. Obtain different APIs from various sources and aggregate them on a single page. Buy and sell on the 777 Sense Labs platform or visit the source with a single click. Set alarms for specific trait transactions to receive notifications on either the website or mobile app.

  • Trait Price Comparison Analyze the price difference percentage of traits compared to other traits within a collection, along with their number of assets. Quickly identify the best initial opportunities when entering a collection within a short period of time to streamline your DYOR process as much as possible.

  • Trait Listing Alarm Set an alarm for a specific trait listing, or make it even more specific by specifying a preferred price range to determine your entry or exit point, without having to constantly monitor the screen.

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