7SL Collective

777 Sense Labs has developed 7SL Collective, a launchpad specifically designed to address trust-related concerns for artists operating within the crypto space. This platform offers a mutually advantageous environment for both sellers and buyers, mitigating the risks associated with security breaches that persist throughout the industry. By providing artists with a user-friendly platform, 7SL Collective aims to support and empower them. Notably, the absence of upfront fees further enhances the accessibility and appeal of this platform for artists seeking to showcase their work and engage with a broader audience.

The 7SL Collective offers a valuable advantage to artists by relieving them of the burden of marketing and technical aspects associated with their creative process. This allows artists to concentrate their efforts on their work and ideas, fostering an environment conducive to artistic innovation. With its versatile functionality, 7SL Collective enables artists to explore a wide range of possibilities during the minting process, catering to their unique and creative concepts. Whether artists intend to launch a PFP collection or embark on a limited supply art project, 7SL Collective is purposefully designed to accommodate these endeavors and many more, providing a comprehensive platform for artistic expression within the Web 3 space.

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