• Berat Gur - CEO Hey, this is Berat, also known as BGXonly, and I am the CEO and founder of 777 Sense Labs. To briefly mention, I am a Naval Architect, I also manage our family company which actively working in the food and construction industries.

    I started getting into Web3 in 2011 by doing LTC mining. Since then, I have continued to trade and research cryptocurrencies. I got introduced to NFTs two years ago when I purchased a piece from a favorite artist on SuperRare. I have been in the market non-stop for the past two years and have seen all kinds of successes and failures.

    I founded 777 Sense Labs to fill the gaps I saw in the market. We continue to develop the team with people whom I trust and respect. We started on this journey with the motto "e pluribus unum," and there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

    You can reach me around here:

  • Cemrehan Karakas - Creative Director Hi! I am Cemre A.K.A. Cosmicolors, father of the Skelebotz, creative mastermind behind 777 Sense Labs and knight of the culture industries. Curating problems as an artist and creative director.

    Had great artistic journey in this planet past 30 years. So excited to share all my love, experience and connections with Sense Labs, and flow across metaverse to find universe in art, and support innovation arts, boimimocry and display technologies.

    Studied culture and art management, marketing, mastered visual arts. Had chance to work with masters and big companies as an artist, creative director, actor, BDM etc.

    I am inviting all aliens and Skelebotz to be inspired by nature and grow our souls with art and save the artworld for the artists sake!

  • Ahmet Börekçi - Game Director Hello, I'm Ahmet Börekçi, currently serving as the Game Director at Sense Labs. My lifelong passion for gaming, starting with Atari, evolved as I contributed to various indie games during my university years. I began my professional career as a game designer and project manager. I took on responsibilities such as team formation, inter-team coordination, game concept ideation, and overseeing game development tasks. I have entered the top 10 most downloaded games list in the United States six times with the mobile games I developed.

    The educational games I developed in the educational games category received more than $3 million in investment.

    I provided consultancy for significant game projects in Turkey and worldwide.

    Most recently, I was involved in the HeroesChained project.

    In the last 10 years, I played a role in projects in the gaming industry that generated a revenue of more than $30 million.

    For the past 4 years, I have been training students in universities in the field of the gaming industry.

  • Can Suleyman Gur - CMO Hello there, my name is Can and I'm an architect based in Istanbul. I received my degree in architecture from Bahçeşehir University and during my studies, I had the opportunity to launch two ventures. Through these start-ups, I was able to develop my skills and work on various projects, which ultimately led to me being selected to participate in incubation programs at Bau Ice and Garanti Partners, both of which are affiliated with Garanti Bank.

    Through my time at these incubation centers, I was able to gain invaluable experience and knowledge, and since 2021, I've been working as a freelance architect in Istanbul. Most recently, I've been using my skills to contribute to the 777 Sense Labs community, a creative collective that brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds to develop innovative products and solutions.

  • Omer Faruk Alagoz - Illustrator & Graphic Designer I am Ömer Faruk Alagöz, although my main profession is graphic design, I have been working as an illustrator and animator for many years. Since my childhood, I have shown great interest in technology and science fiction. As I got older and improved my artistic abilities progressed, I began to incorporate more science and technology into my art. My acquaintance with the works of the French painter Moebius caused me to enter a new era in my works. I try to reflect the psychological evolution of the future by putting people in the center in my works. I've been creating NFTs for about 3 years now and have over 50 collectors worldwide. My works have been exhibited in many cities such as New York, Liverpool and Rome. Now I am very happy to present my works to you with Sense Labs. Do not forget to follow and support us in this long-term adventure.

  • Yusuf Ihlamur - 3D Designer Hello! I am currently the 3D designer of Sense Labs. Together with our team, I am responsible for the designs, studies and drawings that are entirely our own. Along with my experience in nft and playgrounds, I also have skills in vfx animation, organic modeling, texturing and painting. Together with the Sense Labs team, I take part in the projects. At Sense Labs, we strive to offer the best products on the market. We are fortunate to have an outstanding development team and a dynamic community. Join us on this exciting journey!

  • Metin Oktay Şakar - Community Manager Hi! I am Metin, the Community Manager and Head of Collabs for Sense Labs. Currently based in Turkey. I excel at establishing strong interpersonal connections and possess a knack for recognizing the right person for the right role, which I consider to be my greatest strengths. Over the past 2 years, I have improved myself in the web3 field by working in various communities and projects.

    At Sense Labs, we aim to bring the best products to the market that we see as the future. I'm grateful we have a great team and community!

    You can connect to me via my X account!

  • Bora Yakışır - Marketing Manager Hey! I am Bora, the Marketing Manager of 777 Sense Labs, also known as Espardo.eth. I decided to get involved in Web3 in 2012. I have many experiences about Web3 Space. Also I've been in NFT space for 2 years. Having knowledge of the whole project phases, from conception to launch, I approach my job with the understanding that I must be prepared for every eventuality. Together with the 777 Sense Labs team, we are excited and confident that we will do our job in the best and most successful way.

  • Duygu Topçu - UI/UX Designer Hello! I'm Duygu Topçu, a passionate UX/UI designer at 777 Sense Labs. I focus not only on aesthetics but also on crafting technically robust designs to maximize user experience. Working across a broad spectrum, from websites to NFT projects, my team and I take our projects a step further. Balancing aesthetics with functionality, we offer tailored solutions for each project. We're always open to sharing this creative and technically adept journey!

  • Mücahit Taşan - Frontend Developer Hello, I am Mucahit, I have been improving myself in the field of software for nearly 4 years and I see software as entertainment, not as work. The feature I like most about myself is that if I set my mind to something, I can make every effort to achieve it.

    I work as a Frontend Developer at Sense Labs. It is a great thing to take part in such a project that will shape the future, in such a great company, with such a great team.

  • Hüseyin Yiğit - Full Stack Developer

  • Muhammet Kurtuluş - Backend Developer

  • Mehmet Ali Çakmak - Blockchain Developer

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