• What is the difference between subscription and owning 777 Sense of Shapes NFT? Holders of 777 Sense of Shapes get life time access to each product 777 Sense Labs launches on and they are also prioritized for any future works of company.

  • What is ''7SL Feed'' and how can I benefit from it? It is where many sources of news get shared on from around the world related to Web 3. It is not relying on some kind of algorithm, thus it is certain origin to be informed on when there is something new or important for you.

  • What is revenue share method of 777 Sense Labs and how can I be part of it? 777 Sense Labs focuses on securing funds to execute its future planned works, any profitable method will share its wealth after the funds are secured for this very work to be able to continue. Each NFT from collection 777 Sense of Shapes get its share.

  • Why there are more than one 7SL Game in the works? 7SL Games plan on making profits alongside onboarding more users into Web 3 from Web 2. Different type of games attract different type of players, more players mean more users.

  • What is 7SL Merch Store and what difference does it have? 777 Sense Labs doesn't focus on releasing low numbered physical objects for its community only. It does focus on creating a brand and making profit out of it as well as drawing more people into its ecosystem, therefore into Web 3.

  • What is 7SL Coin? It is the coin of 777 Sense Labs ecosystem planned to be released once the foundation is set. It plays significant role to connect all the features within the ecosystem and to share revenue.

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