7SL Feed

A tool created by 777 Sense Labs that contains all the news for Web 3 Crypto and NFT, Reddit discussions, Medium articles, Discord alpha calls, and an AI-powered signal bot coded by the company itself.

The Feed Tool developed by 777 Sense Labs serves as a convenient solution for users seeking to stay informed about news across the entire market. Its filtering system enhances usability by enabling users to effortlessly navigate through the available information. By utilizing this tool, users can effectively monitor the overall landscape without being reliant on algorithms or incurring additional expenses associated with subscriptions to select APIs. Users will also be able to interact with the posts they see on the 7SL Feed page by making comments, rating, sharing, and engaging in many other ways. These interactions will be available for each section on the 7SL Feed, making the whole experience seamless. Users will also have the option to favorite posts they want to revisit later, ensuring they don't miss out during busy times of the day.

  • 7SL News Monitor what other news websites share in a single page without having to scroll through each of them. Set alerts for your favorite sources to be notified either through a mobile phone application or website.

  • Alpha Calls Get private NFT or crypto alpha calls from our partners by becoming part of 777 Sense Labs, shared exclusively on platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Twitter Community, and others. Set alarms for your favorite alpha callers and get notified on your preferred device.

  • Crypto Trade Signals Set your alarm for the pairs you want to get notified for, select the keywords you want to keep track of, and ensure you are always a single notification away from your pre-searched trade strategy.

  • Articles Long, well-explained articles are always important to stay up-to-date on projects that anyone is interested in. However, relying solely on social media algorithms or not missing out on these articles can still be a struggle. Don't miss any articles that get shared - set your alarm to be notified about posts from your favorite projects.

  • Discussions While 777 Sense Labs creates discussions within its own platform, we also gather many more from other well-known websites such as Reddit. Ensure you have updated information and access to what others think about any topic you are interested in, without struggling to find them. Set your alarm for specific keywords or topics and stay informed.

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